Connecting to your inner wisdom

Connecting to your inner wisdom

It is so important to be in contact with our inner wisdom, our inner guru. This inner voice knows where to go and what will be most fulfilling for us. Our inner guru has the answers to our questions that we are so often searching for on the outside. It knows the way on our unique life path. Some of you might already be in contact with this powerful source of wisdom. Congratulations! Others might still be very disconnected and will either not be able to hear this inner voice yet or mistrust their inner voice and themselves. Afraid not to find the right answers or afraid of the possible consequences. Furthermore, our inner voice is often contradictory to what other people might tell us and the way we were brought up. However, by staying in the comfort zone and looking outside for the answers, you disempower yourself. I understand that it is easier to let others decide and then blame your own unhappiness on “them“.

It is your choice

But the truth is that you always have a choice. So, are you ready to take charge of your life, to take back your power and to live your life in line with your heart and soul’s desire?

It is time to reconnect

Then dare to start tuning inside. Maybe start by meditating and focusing inwardly to listen to this soft voice that is always there. Ask this inner voice what it wants to tell you. Ask the questions that you would normally ask other people. Or start with something simple like…

What does my body need right now? What does my soul need right now? What can I do to make the best out of today?

Later, you might want to ask questions like Is this job/relationship/… still serving me? What do I need to learn to be able to let go of it and move on in my life?

Even if at the beginning, you don’t trust this voice, start listening to it, notice what it is telling you and acknowledge this inner voice. Give thanks for its advice. Heal the pain of disconnection, the disconnection from yourself and the Source. Heal your wounds of disempowerment, of deciding against your inner truth and of having abandoned yourself for the “love” and appreciation of others. Let go of other people’s expectations and of all the believes that are blocking you.

Start living life in alignment with your heart and soul

When you are ready for it, start following this inner voice’s guidance. And you will notice how the quality of your decisions and your life will change dramatically, for the better. I am not saying that it is the „safest way” according to the controlling mind. Because yes, you might find out what you already know for a long time…that you might dislike your job, your partner, the way you are when others are around or that you don’t dare to say your truth. And this inner voice will encourage you to live your life in line with what is best for you! Not for others and not for staying in your comfort zone. There is this saying: “Life starts outside of the comfort zone.” So, start really living YOUR life!

Yes, you will need some courage to follow your inner knowing, this wisdom that cannot be rationalized. You need to trust and surrender. But the fruits are manifold and bring an indescribable brightness and richness to your life! You will feel truly alive and happy without drugs or high-risk sports adventures! And at some point, you will feel safe without the safety net of the mind. And you will feel this incredible love and flow of life. You will feel blessed and an enormous gratitude for life and for your inner guru!

So, Rise and Shine in your connection that is divine!

Much love,



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