Here is a story from my heart

I am courageous, colourful, adventurous and blessed with heaps of energy! I love life with all its facets! And I feel deeply connected with all beings and the universe. This connection has become even deeper thanks to my work and abilities.

For a big part of my life, I lived life in the fast lane with top degrees, diverse voluntary activities and periods abroad. It was only when I was close to a burn-out as a conference manager that I questioned my life and goals completely. During this time of personal crisis, I discovered energy work for myself.

My inner fire was ignited and I opened more and more to the endless possibilities that energy work holds for me and others. Over and over again, life guided me to people and places that encouraged me on my path and that introduced me to new techniques.

Especially after my Reiki Master attunement in Australia, a time of intense personal shadow- and transformation work followed. Additionally, I got in contact with Tantra of the Heart in Thailand and my Inner Goddess was awakened. The power, wisdom and creativity that she holds for us is immense and accessible to anyone who is ready to allow for this connection to develop and who heals the overlaying traumas and pain!

While my light became stronger, I encountered more and more people that needed my support. I realized again and again that what has started out as a beautiful hobby was what fulfilled me and makes me so happy and that this is my path, my calling. And I am incredibly grateful that I can follow my calling. Time and again I am fascinated and deeply touched by the deep-reaching changes that I can witness in others after the sessions.

It is my heart’s mission to support you on your path to yourself, into your power and to let your light shine bright with all the tools that I learned, with all my love and my being!

I am excited to get to know YOU!