This is what my coachees and clients say about my work…

“Nadine is a highly talendet light being and soul. She works on many levels within a person, bringing healing in many directions and dimensions to her clients. Nadine is able to hold a strong space, is free from many confining judgments about what arises during a session, listens, supports and guides in an amicable fashion and form. Sharing the session with Nadine was a truely enlightening and healing space within many realities. Highly recommended. From the heart, Steve. Om.”

Steve, Berlin, Germany


“My wife and I have learned a lot from you. Our love making become much more intimate and personal – we are also way more present and there with each other than before. And we have immediately started with the yoni- and lingam massage ;).”

Couple, that has booked a private, exclusive 2 days “Sexual Awakening and Healing Retreat” with me, Hamburg

“Nadine is an amazing teacher, she gives such clear guidance. I loved her teachings on sacred tantric massage. I would definitly attend another workshop of hers.”

Shelly B., Edmonton, Canada


Nadine is an incredible perceptive and intuitive guide with a lot of passion for self-work. She is also an strong yet very gentle in her approach woman who is leading by an example and embodies everything she teaches. With her innate understanding of the energy work as well as her openness to hear you in loving and compassionate way I immediately felt safe and supported. I trust her ability to create spaces for women to dive deep into yourself in order to bring some light to me of the dark places of our psyches. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in exploring more about tantra, sacred sexuality and decoding the old belief system to bring more harmony into ones life.

Seville L., New York, USA


“Powerful and full of fire for her own and others way of healing. Inspires to live a new and fulfilling way of relationships, sexuality and love. A free thinker and wild soul who empower people to live their life in her own way, free from what they “should” do. A presence full of joy and at the same time compassion for the challenges life gives all of us.”

Susanne V., Berlin, Germany


“Nadine is very intuitive and I received a heartfelt tantric massage/de-armouring/energy work session from her. I felt safe and was easily able to trust her. She was very aware and sensitive to my emotions. I would highly recommend her healing touch”.

Arsalan J., Pakistan


“Nadineis an incredible woman full of talents, aliveness, joy and benevolence.  She is a very talented therapist that knows how to listen and guide with love and kindness.
She helped me heal my relationship with money, for which I am extremely grateful. Without her energy, it would have taken me years to get to the same result!
Thanks to her, my perception of the future changed and I fee serene and on the right path.
Thank you very much sister of the light  ❤
Mégane O., France


“I had the pleasure to participate in a couple of group Thetahealing sessions with Nadine. The energy that was created was just magical! Nadine can beautifully empathetic and knows exactly how to get to the point. Her happy nature is contageous and she gives all her sessions in a highly competent and professional way. You feel good and save from the very beginning on. She has extensive knowledge and can choose from a broad range of different tools and techniques exactly what serves the persons highest good and is most helpful. She is a power woman, that lovingly and compassionately guides you through the process of healing. With the help of this energy she can give you exactly what you need for your development in that moment. I highly recommend booking a session with her. For me it was just wonderful and heart-opening. Thank you for our beautiful encounter Nadine, you rock! ?

Nadine R., Lenk, Switzerland


“Nadine touchingly takes care of you and her sessions do so much on all kinds of levels. I am so thankful for all the processes which already started showing the next day and also weeks later.  I keeps on working and I am fascinated to observe everything that is changing and that is ready to go.”

Sabrina Charlotte H., Munich, Germany


“Today, I had the pleasure of an intensive, enriching and illuminating time with Nadine. A successful completion to clarify and work on open topics from 2017. With power, self-knowledge and courage, I am ready for 2018. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your clarity, inspiration, love and time <3”

Kerstin S., Berlin, Germany


To work with Nadine touches you on every level! She always finds the right method and the right tools and helps you on the way to self-love, self-empowerment and so much more!

Josefine E. , Berlin, Germany


“Dear Nadine, thank you so much for this beautiful and precious Workshop!! ❤
[…] Monday morning, I induitively chose the most comfortable clothes to feel soft and flexible and went to work like that. The day had its typical challanges. But I felt over and over again reminded of myself when looking down at myself, realizing that I had already been well taken care of myself.As soon as I came home, I ripped of my clothes,…started listening to a feel-good playlist   and had a shower. Still naked in the bathroom, I did such a dance session that I directly went back for another shower  …. ?
I was with so much energy thtat I started cleaning, vacuuming, took care of laundry and dishes even though the last weeks I hardly managed to get to my couch, feeling so drained and out of energy (even though I worked overtime that day)!
Why am I writing to you all that?! Still that day on the way to work, I was wondering how exactly self-love works. I thought that I would already be on a good way but you told me into my face “No, you don’t love yourself!” Crazy. Thank you! ❤
Now, I have an idea of how it could work. And I thank you from all my heart for all the impulses! I so much enjoyed being seen. Yeah, being seen was the biggest thing yesterday. How clearly and fast you see, which topics want to be worked on. Thank you! ❤
I am already thankful that you share your knowledge and your beautiful shining energy. And I am looking forward to everything that will come. My inner child is already making somersaults out of happiness! Thank you! Love!”
Susanne S., Berlin, Germany


Thank you for your loving positive boost message that I was very happy about. I intuitively already started to go more within, feel and sense this first soft voice again – but it feels good to hear this from you too again. Thank you again for your 100% presence and your time flexibility/kindness yesterday! I notice beautiful things inside of me since then and feel freed…let’s see how it continues! 🙂 I also wish you a wonder-full week! See you soon

Larissa H., Berlin, Germany


“Lovely Nadine, I needed your help to understand more things about myself and connect myself to the universe. Heart is something we all have to care about to respect each other and to respect this massive thing that life is..this world needs wise people like u introducing them into spirituality,it creates a direct way out of chaos and a life full of meaning…I recommend everyone to join you in your workshops; we all need to understand what life is about and this is for sure a few steps forward.”

Alan F., Italy


“Nadine’s work is really inspiring. Since we started to work together every time is unique! She is very intuitive and always knows the best way of dealing with a specific issue I have. Her way of approaching energizes me and I feel full of life and bright after every session. Is being a amazing experience for me and I am very glad she came to my path. Thank you for this marvelous work and to be who you are. “

Mari S., Brazil



“Dear Nadine, thank you so much for your attention, your support and help. I felt to be in very good hands. I wish for the universe to give you double the love back. Obrigado.”

Nadja K., Brazil