We are more than our physical body… The background of energy work and why I use it

The goal of energy work is to harmonize the blocked or disrupted energy flow of our body, its meridians (a network of subtle energy that flows through the body like a highway system and provides it with life energy) and chakras (energy wheels or centres) and obtain continuity. Energy can be blocked through traumas, hurt and unpleasant experiences just as through thoughts, strong emotions, beliefs and overexploitation of one’s body’s resources.

When our energy flow is disrupted or blocked, it causes stress in the body as well as a hyper- or subfunction in the corresponding area. Traumatic events (shocks, accidents, injuries and mental shocks) as well as fears are for example energetically especially stored in the neck area. The corresponding emotions are stored in our chakras, pollute and block them. Unexpressed rage, anger and aggression are e.g. located in our stomach area. Experiences and feelings of loneliness, sadness, depression, powerlessness, disappointment and self-criticism block our heart chakra and make us close ourselves to love. Then, we are neither able to really be close to someone, accept and receive their love, nor to give love. We then often feel cut off from others, ourselves and our heart’s wisdom.Undiscovered and without working on them, these energy blockages can block us all our lives and lead to discomfort, fears, suffering and even to illnesses on the mental and physical level. Where our energy got out of balance, illnesses, pain and inflammations can develop or we don’t feel ourselves anymore.

These blockades can be solved through different types of energy work and massages so that the life force energy can flow freely and harmoniously again. Traditional Chinese Medicine is also based on the idea of restoring and maintaining this energy flow.

By dissolving past experiences, patters and beliefs you are reconnected with the field of endless possibilities. Instead of just reacting towards your environment out of patterns and past experiences, you are free again in your decisions and your perception. You become more aware of what YOU really want and feel inside, you can take new paths and REDISCOVER LIFE!

This is what my work is about. I support you in solving these past, blocking experiences, feelings, patterns and belief systems and help you FREE yourself and reconnect you with your INNER WISDOM. For this, I use different tools that I have learned over time and used successfully with my clients and myself for years.

Part of these techniques are Inner World Journeys, Family Constellation, the ThetaHealing Method®, Matrixing, Quantum Healing, Access Consciousness, Reincarnation Therapy, Prenatal Emotion (solving trauma, patterns, emotions and believes from the time before birth), Inner Voice Dialogue (dialogue with the different parts of the self like the inner child, the inner critic, the judge etc.), Atlantic Light Balance and Reiki. I choose, combine and adapt them individually and intuitively for your specific needs and in consultation with you!


Come to me when you
• Are stressed and just need relaxation
• Are sad or feel depressed 
• Have lost your drive
• Feel it is all too much for you and you don’t know what to do and how to manage it all
• Feel fears and sorrows prevail
• Feel fury and aggression inside of you 
• Feel pain – feel empty 
• Don’t know what to do with your life
• Are blocked and you can’t take the next or the first step
• Want to free yourself from social constraints 
• Want to open yourself to love
• Want to develop yourself
• Want to get into your power and take responsibility as co-creator of your life!
Be worthy to take care of yourself. Enjoy relaxation and healing on all levels!
I am looking forward to accompany you on your journey!


What is a Rise and Shine Session?

A Rise and Shine Session generally takes about 90 minutes and includes a short initial discussion, in which we find out what blocks you at the moment on your way to healing, self-love and self-empowerment and how I can support you! In consultation with you, I then combine different elements from coaching and energy work intuitively and individually tailored to your needs. We conclude the session with a short concluding discussion, in which we reflect on what happened, lessons learned and the insights acquired and how you can integrate them more into your daily life! Additionally, I give you suitable exercises that support you in this process!


What is a Rise and Shine Relax Session?

Enjoy 60 to 90 minutes of full relaxation with a Reiki session, an intuitive energy and wellness massage or Atlantic Lightbalance*. This time is completely dedicated to you and what your body, mind and soul need to restore inner balance and harmony. Allow yourself to fall and let go of everything that burdens you and that you were carrying around. When tension and stress are released, you can experience relief, happiness and even states of bliss. Your life energy flows again, which activates your self-healing powers so that your body can fulfil his tasks. This can make you feel more fit, vital and free!
*During an Atlantic Lightbalance session, blockades of the meridians and chakras are resolved so that the energy flows again. This is supported by the 12 divine healing rays and help from the light beings of the spiritual realm. You have the choice if you want to consciously work on your topics or just relax and enjoy. Relaxation and a sense of well-being on all levels sets in.


Your Investment in Yourself

A Rise and Shine Session takes – including a short initial and concluding discussion – for grown-ups normally 90 minutes. For children 60 minutes are often enough. A Rise and Shine Relax Session takes 60-90 minutes.

60 minutes: 80,- EUROS

90 minutes: 120,- EUROS
120 minutes: 160,- EUROS

The session can take place in person or on the phone/ via Skype/ WhatsApp.

Languages: English or German. Possibly also in French or Spanish.

Since it is important to me that you can also go your way into your own power, shining and lightness even when you have financial restraints, please send me a message if this applies to you and we will find a way! I just want you to be fair in this!


I cannot promise you healing. However, energy work is something dear to my heart. We look together what is good for you. Individually and intuitively, I help you reactivate your self-healing powers and your zest for life. This form of life support does not substitute the diagnosis or the visit of a doctor or naturopath.